First and foremost, the safety of our children is paramount.  I do believe that sanitizing policies and procedures can and will be adjusted to make schools a healthier place to be.  Secondly, it is my sincere hope that schools will be open in the fall. However, each child is different and if a parent determines that it is not appropriate for their child to be in school, I know that every effort will be made by teachers and schools to provide that child with a quality education and that may need to be delivered within a distant learning environment.  

I am a teacher and I am licensed by the state of Utah.  I am also required to comply with all safety precautions to keep our students safe and I will do that.  Not as a condition of my employment, but I would never put our students at risk.  I believe that in-school learning is the method that is best for most students.  I can do my part to keep our schools open by keeping our schools safe. 

Currently our faculty is planning and preparing for the new school year. We are meeting and talking about how to improve our lesson delivery and we will continue to meet throughout the summer to adapt to changes as needed. It is my hope and I am planning to be in my classroom, but I will be prepared if that is not the case.  I know that our So Utah local education agencies and the Utah State Board of Education is also continuing to meet to re-examining their policies and procedures and to learn from the past two months on how to prepare for a variety of different scenarios.